Louise Lassay holds a B.A. in architectural design specialisation set and costume design from The Netherlands. In Amsterdam she designed and created props, costumes, backdrops, decorations and sets for theatre, tv, film, festivals, night clubs and company theme parties. After living and working in London she ended up in Bristol where she worked for a company called Cod Steaks ltd, the makers of Wallace and Gromit. Here she created props for the BBC programmes Play Days and It’s a Knockout.

She was born in The Netherlands and came to live in Australia in 1998. It was in Australia where she started designing and making jewellery inspired by the natural beauty of this sacred country.

Whilst living in and around Byron Bay, the most easterly point of Australia, she was very fortunate to meet two very talented women, Donatella Parisini a photographer and Elvis Schmoulianoff a vegan make up artist. Many artistic endeavours came from this friendship.



This project was created by Donatella Parisini/photographer, Elivis Schmoulianoff/vegan make up artist and Rikkarra MacGuinness/model to bring awareness of the forced closure of aboriginal communities. Louise Lassay went with them in the afternoon to Byron Bay where they photographed passer buy people who supported the cause with Rikkarra and the stop sign. The photo’s were published on SOSBLAKAUSTRALIA social media. The Bundjalung  people, the First Nations people of this area were asked for permission to do this project.


Illustration, jewellery, costume & set design